How to Get Above the Facebook Algorithm with Facebook Marketing

How to Get Above the Facebook Algorithm with Facebook Marketing

How to Get Above the Facebook Algorithm with Facebook Marketing

Influencer marketing is the way to get above the Facebook algorithm. Facebook has an algorithm that was known as EDGE rank. EDGE rank used factors such as:

  • Number of followers
  • Are you logged into Facebook when you post or do you use a 3rd party tool such as Hootsuite?
  • How engaged are your followers? Do they like, comment, and share your posts?
  • How varied is your content? Do you switch up the type of posts you make such a posting links, photos, video’s, and text?

The algorithm took these factors and used them as a way to determine how relevant you were to your fans and how often Facebook thought they wanted to see you. However, the less often your posts appeared on the time line, the less opportunity your fans had to like and share. Facebook has moved past EDGE rank, kind of. The new algorithm still factors in all of these issues, however they now have more stumbling blocks.

If you look at your page insights, with is the data analysis of your Facebook page performance, you will see a number on each post called “impressions.” Impressions are the number of times your post was seen by people on the news feed. Most of these people will be your fans. When you look at this number, look at how many fans you have. You are not reaching the majority of your fans with your Facebook posts. You can figure out what percentage you are reaching by:

(Number of impressions / Number of fans) x 100 = Percentage of fans seeing your page

  1. You have 53 impressions on a post, and 566 fans.

53/566 = .093   .093 x 100 = 9.3% Only 9.3% of your fans saw that post.

Honestly, if you have even 10% of your fans reached then you are doing extremely well.

In January of 2018, Facebook announced that it was going to remove a lot of the “noise” from the newsfeed. They said they were going to reduce the visibility of posts from fan pages on the newsfeed by 20%. So now your 9.3% has been dropped down to 7.4%.

Influencer marketing is the way to get around the algorithm. When you utilize an influencer they have:

  • A large fan base
  • An engaged fan base
  • Influence over the behaviors of their fans.

An influencer will boost the reach of your fans. Typically they have better than average reach because their audience is highly engaged and their content is considered extremely relevant. But lets say they have 10%. If an influencer has 100,000 followers and they share your content, they have just reached 10,000 people! But it is more than just reach, it is their influence over their followers behaviors. If they tell their fans to follow you, you will see an immediate influx of fans. If they tell their followers to click your link, you will see an immediate influx of clicks to your website.

Influencers are the most effective way to get above the restrictive Facebook algorithm and to get more powerful results from your social marketing.