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Bigger Reach Better Revenue.

As an influencer, expanding your audience and your reach establishes your brand. Building the elements of a marketable brand are what will allow you to monetize your time online the best. Followr is here to help you at each step along the way from getting noticed to getting paid!

  • Research Social Platforms – We make it easy for you.
  • Save Time Earn Money – Maximize your revenue by minimizing your admin
  • Learn & Share – Followr helps influencers work together.
  • Stay Ahead of The Curve – Explore new platforms with ease.
  • Tech Spark – See how new tech can streamline your process.
  • Real-time Rewards – Why wait? Move forward right now!

Audience Impact

Influencer marketing is an excellent way for your brand to impact new audience and expand brand awareness. The messages on social media about your brand affect how your audience perceives you. Influencer marketing is not just about increasing reach and awareness, but also about influencing the message that surrounds your brand.

Our solutions

Maximum Impact

Influencer marketing is the most powerful way to organically expand the reach of your brand. Social media is considered the most powerful marketing tool because it reaches people individually.

How to Get Above the Facebook Algorithm with Facebook Marketing

The algorithm took these factors and used them as a way to determine how relevant you were to your fans and how often Facebook thought they wanted to see you. However, the less often your posts appeared on the time line, the less opportunity your fans had to like and share.

The Power of Instagram Influencers

Instagram is the way of the millennial and the way of the forward thinking brand. Instagram is both amazing and challenging for businesses. It is an image-based platform that doesn’t allow you to share links. I know, it is not sounding that appealing. The visual nature of Instagram appeals to a lot of people.